is not dangerous !!!
CO2 is only 0.03 % of atmospheric air
Healthy subjects (from E. J. Griez) take 2 very deep breaths of increasing concentrations of CO2
(concentrations beyond 9%, which is 300 times the normal one in air!)
CO2, which usually is hardly toxic, can reach crazy levels : a quarter of a million tons in Cameroun 1986 Lake Nyos resulted in 2000 deaths by suffocation. This is because it can at very high partial pressures displace O2, hence reducing its concentration : death is more due to hypoxia than to hypercapnia.
VAAS is an anxiety/panic rating scale
All CO2 can induce, at 300 times the normal concentration, is slight anxiety
The SCAM of CO2 linked to Climate Change or global warming has been reconsidered: see the 2013NIPCC interim report
There is no causal relationship between CO2 and global warming: Center for the Study of carbon dioxide and global change
Pr J. Lovelock, key alarmist on climate change, admits in April 2012 "I made a mistake"
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