Frontal sinus
Ethmoidal lamina cribrata
Osteolysis of posterior wall, sphenoid sinus is frequent in aged patients
Roridin, introduced into the nasal cavity of rodents (Corps, Tox. Patho;. 2010, 38: 429), can cause loss of olfactory sensory neurons, whose axons synapsed with mitral neurons in the brain.
Apart from this retrograde axonal transporrt, mycotoxins can reach the brain by penetrating the dura through osteolytic lesions (or non ossified areas) of posterior walls of frontal and sphenoid sinuses.
Mycotoxins, like cocaine, can reach the brain, through the nasal sinuses
MYCOTOXINS: Brain penetration
In children before the age of 2, posterior wall of frontal sinus is
not ossified
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